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The Cold War And The Soviet War - 845 Words

The reason the Cold War was called the Cold War is because there were no physical battles with weapons, tanks, or even artillery, it was a war between capitalism vs. communism, democracy vs. dictatorship. This War actually started when Stalin of the USSR had a conference during the end of WWII who promised the American president, FDR, that he would allow there to be elections, democratic elections, in the Eastern part of Europe which had the soviet dominance. But in the year of 1945, in the Potsdam conference, after the death of FDR, and during Truman s presidency, Stalin drew back on the promises he had previously made which means that he would not allow the elections to occur. As years went on, tensions grew, forcing the relationship between USSR (Soviet Russia) and USA to worsen. One of the best examples of this is during the year of 1949, when China adopted the ideology of communism. The year 1949, was also the time when Soviet Union tested their first atomic bomb, equaling the A mericas monopoly on nuclear war. United States never got a break during the Cold War. During the 50 s and 60 s stress levels heightened to a new level. The Berlin Wall and the U-2 crisis nearly caused a World War III, and Cuba turning communist forced America to believe they were not trying hard enough to win the war. If it s not a win for America, then it will always be a loss. This is when President Truman was enforcing his ideas in winning this war. To the new administration of HarryShow MoreRelatedThe Cold War And The Soviet War911 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cold War began at the resolution of WWII and continued into the 1990’s. The Cold War was fueled by many factors such as ideological differences, mutual mistrust, America’s fear of the spread of communism, and nuclear weapons. The war ultimately resulted in the collapse of communism. The war was supported by allied nations although the main instigators of the war were Russia and the United States. A major short term factor that lead to the Cold War was USSR’s fear of America’s newly acquiredRead MoreSoviet War : The Cold War1289 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the entirety of World War II the United States and the Soviet Union joined forces and repelled against the axis powers. However the two nations did not see eye to eye and as a result had an uneasy relationship. Tensions worsened after the war due to Soviet expansion located in Eastern Europe. The two almost seemed destined to clash after the end of the Second World War. The two nations had contrasting long term interests, and different values in terms of politics. Subsequently, this causedRead MoreSoviet War : The Cold War Essay1730 Words   |  7 PagesCold War Essay 1947 through 1991 was the time period of the Cold War; the Cold War was a result caused by the tension of the after math of what had happened with world war 2 .The tension that was there wasn t just any kind of tension it was military tension between the power of the eastern bloc and the power of the western bloc. The Cold War wasn t only one war but it was decades of littlewars and intimidation. Germany was busy after the war, there where so much tension betweenRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet War1982 Words   |  8 PagesAs we all think of word â€Å"war† we immediately think of death s, violence, disagreement with one another. Many country has been on war with one another but they have got anything out of it, except millions of people deaths. Whenever â€Å"war† start it’s always happened because of two nations disagreement with one another. In 1948 Berlin Blockade, The USSR attempt to break the connection between the Western and Eastern part s of Berlin, in the result of this early days of Cold war started. As long as I knowRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet War1134 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War is the name granted to the tensions that developed between the USA and the USSR after World War II. The Cold War was an era of confrontation and competition between these two world powers that lasted from about 1946 to 1990. The Cold War was to dominate affairs for decades and many major crises occurred such as the Berlin Wall, Hungary, Vietnam, and the Cuban Missile Crisis are just a few examples of the problems that sparked as a result of the Cold War. For most, the growth in weaponsRead MoreThe Soviet War : The Cold War Essay4147 Words   |  17 PagesCOLD WAR TERMINATION Most historians and foreign policy analysts in 1981 did not anticipate that within a decade the Cold War would be over and that it would end with relatively little violence and the end of the Soviet Union. Structural forces have received considerably less attention than the players in assessments on the end of the Cold War. There is widespread recognition that a stagnating Soviet economy definitely shaped Gorbachev s policy of perestroika to revive a command economy dominatedRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet War1199 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War was a succession of savage battles fought between the USA and the USSR during the end of World War II. These two prevailing countries never faced each other directly, therefore it was a war fought by proxy. Both the USA and the USSR had conflict between their two ideologies and ways of life, the USA assumed capitalism and democracy was the optimal way of living, while the USSR concluded communism was the more suitable choice. Each cou ntry believed their system or ideology was superiorRead MoreSoviet War : The Cold War Essay2010 Words   |  9 PagesBrandon Davis Teacher Class Period 13 December 2016 Cold War Essay From the years of 1947 to 1991, the Cold War became the peak of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. This tension originated through the political, economic, and ideological differences between these two governments. The United States was wary of the communist government in Russia, starting from the Red Scare. Throughout the duration of World War I and II, the United States sought to contain communism and preventRead MoreThe Soviets And The Cold War1597 Words   |  7 PagesAfter the end of World War Two, the Soviets and Americans had conflicting views on their beliefs and ideology. The Soviets supported communism, whereas the United States, and other â€Å"Big Four† allies encouraged capitalism. This caused a tense relationship to form between the two powerful countries, and led to many international affairs. These non-violent events were known as the Cold War, and one of the most important was the Berlin Airlift. At the Yalta Conference in February 1945, Joseph StalinRead MoreThe Cold War And Its Effects On The Soviet War1343 Words   |  6 Pages Cold War Midterm Czechoslovakia 1968: Liberalization in the Eastern Bloc Michael Fritz Excelsior College September 17, 2014 The political landscape, economic climate change and religious beliefs all factored into the Cold War due the fact that it lasted nearly 5 decades. The Cold War changed histrionically from each administration change that every nation faced during these long time periods. In the Soviet Union political landscapes went from Stalin to Khruschev then Brezhnev, each

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Amy Fisher - The Long Island Lolita

Amy Elizabeth Fisher was born on August 21, 1974. In her book, Amy Fisher: My Story, co-written with Sheila Weller, Amy wrote that she suffered early childhood trauma after a family member, repeatedly, sexually abused her. Then, at age 13, a man hired to work at her home raped her. In her very early teens, she was sexually active, eventually resulting in an unwanted pregnancy and abortion. The abuse she suffered as a child seemed to spur her promiscuous behavior, later in life. The Beginnings of the Sexual Affair: Amy met Joey Buttafuoco in May 1991, when she took her car to his auto shop for repairs. She began visiting the shop and hanging around Joey on a regular basis. Her attraction toward him grew. On July 2, with her car in repair, Joey offered to drive her home. While at her home, the two had their first sexual encounter in her bedroom. Joey was 35, married, with two children. Amy Fisher was 16 and in high school. For the next several months, the two solidified their love affair at local motels. Amys Total Focus Was On Joey: According to Amy, Joey often talked about his unhappiness in his marriage. Amy, in return, shared intimate details of her life to him. The relationship was going strong, but other areas of Amy’s life were beginning to unravel. She was doing badly in school and she lost interest in her friends and family. Her focus was on Joey. By August 1991, Amy was out of work and in need of money. Allegedly, Joey suggested she become an escort at a local escort service. Amy took his suggestion. The Ultimatum: Within a month, Amy was making good money as a prostitute. By November, her thoughts about Joey and his wife had become obsessive. She was jealous of Mary Jo and wanted her out of the picture. In frustration, she decided to give Joey an ultimatum - her or his wife. Joey picked his wife. Amy, stunned and hurt, ended the relationship. Unable to cope with the break-up, she cut her wrists, but the cuts were superficial. After the suicide attempt, Amy decided to try to get back to her normal life. Amy Dwells on Getting Rid of Mary Jo: Amy began dating Paul Makely, a co-owner of a local gym. But in January, Joey and Amy resumed their affair. Allegedly, Joey wasnt bothered by her being a prostitute, but he did get upset when he found out she was having a relationship with Makely. Not wanting to risk the refound relationship, Amy led Joey to believe that Makely was unimportant to her. She also began dwelling on how to get rid of Mary Jo, who she viewed as the biggest risk to her relationship with Joey. The Decision to Kill Mary Jo: On May 13, 1992, almost a year from the first time she met Joey, Amy decided, once and for all, to get rid of Mary Jo. She heard that Peter Guagenti could help her get a gun. Amy said that on that same evening, she shared her plan with Joey and that he supplied her with tips on how to shoot his wife. On May 15, Amy has stated that Joey contacted her to find out if she had a gun, which at that point she did not. Joey has always denied knowing anything about Amy’s plans to kill Mary Jo. Amy Shoots Mary Jo Buttafuoco: Amy contacted Guagenti, and the plan to kill Mary Jo was arranged. On May 17, she and Guagenti replaced his license plates with two that Amy had stolen. At 11:30 a.m., with Guagenti driving, the two went to the Buttafuoco home. Armed with a Titan .25 semi-automatic gun, Amy confronted Mary Jo on her front porch. After a short conversation, Amy hit Mary Jo with the gun, causing her to fall to the ground. While still on the ground, Amy shot her in the head. Mary Jo Struggles to Stay Alive: Neighbors quickly came to Mary Jo’s aid. Her chances for survival were bad. After several hours in surgery, Mary Jos condition stabilized, but the bullet remained lodged in her head. Joey told the police that Paul Makely and Pauls girlfriend, Amy, may have been involved in the shooting. He said he had given advice to Amy about not paying her boyfriends drug debt, and Makely, when finding out, sought vengeance. The police doubted his story and suspected he was hiding something. Mary Jo Identifies Amy as Her Attacker: On May 20, Mary Jo was conscious and giving police the details of the shooting. Joey, knowing the police were getting close to the truth about his love affair, told the police the shooter might have been Amy Fisher. Mary Jo identified Amy as the shooter from a picture she was shown. The police, unable to locate Amy, asked Joey to contact her and find out where she was. He reluctantly obliged. On May 21, the police arrested Amy Fisher, at her home, for the shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco. The Long Island Lolita: Amy told the police that the shooting was a mistake - that the gun discharged when she hit Mary Jo on the head. Knowing Joey had turned against her, she also told them that Joey had given her the gun and that the two were lovers - a charge Joey denied. On May 29, Amy pled not guilty to the charges of attempted murder in the second degree, armed felony, assault, and criminal use of a firearm. The national press dubbed Amy the Long Island Lolita. Friends and former clients obliterated what was left of her credibility by selling the press videos that had been secretly filmed of her, and agreeing to interviews in which they would bash her character. Amys bail was set at $2 million, the highest in the history of Nassau County, Long Island. After two months in jail, Amys bail was secured, but only after she agreed to give up the rights of her story to KLM Productions. Her lawyer then arranged a plea agreement in which Amy would spend up to fifteen years in prison in exchange for testimony against Joey. Amy Fisher accepted the plea agreement and was sentenced accordingly. Guagenti spent six months in prison for giving Amy the gun. In 1993, the DA charged Joey with statutory rape. Amy testified about their sexual affair. Joey was indicted on felony charges of rape, sodomy, and endangering the welfare of a minor. With the evidence against him mounting, Joey pled guilty to one count of statutory rape. He served six months in prison. Amy was released from prison after seven years. In 2003, she married a man she met online, who is 24-years older than her, and the father of her son. Now a columnist for the Long Island Press, she won a Media Award for Column-News from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2004. Her new book, If I Knew Then... is out, and she hopes it will help others. Source: Long Island Press and Amy Fisher: My Story

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald - 1506 Words

Throughout the novel â€Å"The Great Gatsby† by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick uses the â€Å"I† in a past tense as he, the narrator, tells his story and at the end makes the realization that Gatsby and Nick share a commonality in life, therefore, Nick changes his world standpoint to include Gatsby, thus the â€Å"We† connection. In the beginning Nick starts off by telling us of the advice his father gave him (â€Å"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, â€Å"he told me, â€Å"just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.†). From his father’s teachings, Nick learns about what morality is, to be tolerant of the under privileged resulting in his identifying with the wealthy, which begins his â€Å"I† perspective. Thereupon, at†¦show more content†¦However, the Carraway’s tell the story that they were descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch, which is in fact a fallacy , making it appear to others that it is inherited wealth. Gatsby, on the other hand, came from a family of unsuccessful farmers and could not reconcile himself to his lot in life. He was born with the name James Gatz and reinvents himself into Jay Gatsby at the age of seventeen allowing him to have whatever past he chooses. His money, like Nick’s, was not inherited as he wanted others to believe, but in reality came from organized crime trading stolen securities and through bootlegging. When Nick returned from the war, he became restless after the totality of what he experienced there and wanted to escape the monotony of his mundane life. The hometown that he’d been accustomed to no longer appeared to be â€Å"the warm center of the world†. His dream was to create his own fortune and to bring substance back into his life. Therefore, he leaves the Middle West and goes east to become a bondsman. He, also, wanted the excitement that he thought he had been missing out on since the war and to be able to mingle with the elite wealthy. â€Å"My own house was an eyesore, but it was a small eyesore and it had been overlooked, so I had a view of the water, a partial view of my neighbor’s lawn and the consoling proximity of millionaires—all for eighty dollars a month.† F. Scott Fitzgerald, 5 Gatsby was also fleeing his

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Research Paper College Athletes free essay sample

While athletes work their rear ends off, the university makes millions and the coachs gets a six- Geiger yearly salary. Although people argue college athletes already have a scholarship, these athletes have no choice but to go the extra mile by maintaining high grades and performing at a high level in their sports; so they should be compensated for it. II. Opposition The main problem with paying students athletes is that it is not the colleges primary function. The primary function of a academic institution is to educate, says Koori Mishearing.It would not make sense for an academic intuition to run a multi-million dollar entertainment business, which is what allege football and basketball have become. The college experience is payment enough for these athletes. While the majority of students athletes are getting scholarship money which is money they dont have to pay back. Majority of students are taking loans that have to paid back with small interest involved. We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper College Athletes or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If students athlete get paid they will not take their education serious enough to get good grades. College athlete have so many advantages already, by them getting paid would be surplus. College already provides students with an invaluable benefit already; by obtaining a college degree, the outwork the athlete can create, and higher paying job opportunities. Student athletes should look at their education as plan A, and their professional career in sports plan be. The reason why is there is a very small percentage that makes it professionally and if a career is cut short because of injury, the athlete can depend on the education they received. Ill.Refutation Collegiate athletes cannot live comfortably with the time they have to dedicate for school and the time they have to dedicate to the sport they are committed to. Very few college athletes receive a full ride scholarship; which covers tuition, fees, room, board and textbooks. Some athletes receive scholarships that cover only a portion Of these expenses, but many still receive exceedingly more aid than the average student. Which is fair since that are contributing more than an average student. College athletes and the talents they have, provide a huge source of the universities income.The university basically takes in money from ticket sales, television contracts, and sport-related merchandise. The athletes, on the other hand, receive their scholarship and little more. So the fact is the collegiate athlete, willingly or unwillingly, helps their university bring in millions of dollars while the athlete struggles for their basic needs. Read in Sports and Athletes page 96. According to an article in the Harvard Journal on Legislation, in the past twelve years, the amount of money generated by basketball and football programs has increased nearly 300%, such as they fund almost all other sports. Think of the amount of money a player like Johnny Minimize made his university Texas A. Adrian Peterson an elite running back in the NFG stated his first daughter was born while he was in college, adding responsibilities to his plate outside of playing football and going to class. He states: Nobody wants to live in the dorms for four years. You see the guys who are older, and they have responsibilities. I feel like, as much money as universities make, some of that should come down to the players, as well. We all know how fun it was watching Peterson his college years. Now imagine how much money Peterson not only brought his university but also the NCAA itself. When Theodore Roosevelt helped create the NCAA in 1906 he had no idea how much the NCAA would grow and what it would grow into. At that time it was a way to watch athletes play sports while making sure the rules were being followed, and watch the top athletes display their talents to the nation before becoming professionals. But now in the 21 SST century, the NCAA is a billion dollar company. So, my question is during this great surplus of money, why hasnt anything changed?Im not proposing college athletes should be getting aid hundreds of thousands of dollars extra cash a semester, not even ten thousand dollars a semester. If each athlete got paid $2,000 minimum semester and top athletes five thousand maximum extra cash a semester sounds fair. Those numbers is not even minimum wage if they got paid hourly for their sweat blood and tears the put in. Most athletic programs obviously cant afford this but a billion dollar company like the NCAA definitely can. V. Conclusion It is evident that what these athletes provide to their school is far greater then just a scholarship.

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Paul Laurence Dunbar Essays - Paul Laurence Dunbar, Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR Renowned African-American poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar rose from a poor childhood in Dayton, Ohio to international acclaim as a writer and as an effective voice for equality and justice for African-Americans (Howard, Revell). He met and associated with other historical men such as Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and his Dayton neighbors Orville and Wilbur Wright (Harvard, Columbus). Dunbars personal story, as well as his writings, are still an inspiration to all Americans (Poupard). Dunbar was born June 27,1872 in Dayton, Ohio to Matilda and Joshua Dunbar, former slaves from Kentucky (Van Doren 296, Columbus). Their family was extremely poor because Joshua was not able to get a job. Racism was still strong in Ohio even though slavery was against the law at the time. To help their parents, Paul and his two half-brothers did chores like gathering firewood, raking leaves, and cutting grass (Howard). Matilda always provided inspiration to her children by reading to, supporting, and encouraging them to be creative. She loved storytelling, songs, and poetry. This affected Paul throughout his life, and it was she who instilled in him the desire to achieve (Columbus). Dunbars parents separated in 1874, after having two children. In spite of this, Paul was still able to achieve. He wrote his first poem at age six and recited publicly at age 2 nine (Howard). His first public reading was on his birthday in 1892. After Joshua left, Matilda was forced to work in Dayton as a washerwoman to support her family (Columbus). Joshua died when Paul was just twelve years old (Poupard). The death of Joshua only strengthened the bond between Paul and his mother (Revell). Dunbar was very popular among his classmates at Central High School. He was the only Negro in his class and was a member of the Literary Society, editor of the student publication, and composer of the class song at his graduation (Van Doren 296, Columbus). Dunbars first published poem was called Our Martyred Soldiers. It appeared in the Dayton Herald on June 8, 1888. In 1891 Paul graduated from Central High School (Revell 11-12). After graduation, Paul had to work as an elevator boy in Daytons Callahan Building and later as a page at a Dayton court house(Revell 11 ). He was forced to work at places such as these because some businesses were reluctant to hire him because of his race (Columbus). Dunbars first poetry collection, Oak and Ivy was published in 1892 (Howard). Oak and Ivy consisted of fifty-six poems, thirty-six of which were later discarded by Dunbar (Revell p.29) To help pay for the publishing fee and printing supplies he sold the book of poem to customers who rode the ele vator for $1.00 (Columbus). meanwhile he continued writing for various national newspapers and magazines for a little extra income. Paul 3 quickly achieved a reputation in his hometown as a poet and frequently was invited to recite his works for various clubs and organizations. Many times people would recommend his books to friends, spreading word of his talents (Howard). In general, Dunbars poetry was accepted and well-liked (Poupard). This landed him an invitation to recite his poetry at the first Worlds Fair at Chicago in 1893. Here, he worked as clerk at a Haitian pavilion where he met Fredrick Douglass and other black speakers and writers (Revell 102). Douglass called Paul Laurence Dunbar The most promising young colored man in America. (Howard). 1895 brought Dunbars move to Toledo, Ohio and the publishing of his second collection of poetry, Majors and Minors (Columbus). Eleven poems from Oak and Ivy were printed in Majors and Minors. (Revell, p.224). Its publishing was financed by his friends Dr. Henry A. Tobey and Charles H. Thatcher, an attorney. Majors and Minors caught the attention of a famous literary critic William Dean Howells. Howells favorable review of Dunbar in the Harpers Weekly made him nationally known overnight (Columbus). Howells pointed out that in history Negros have been gifted and successful in music, oratory, and many of the other arts, but Majors and Minors was the first 4 instance of and African-American who had evinced innate distinction in literature (Poupard). Following Howells review, New York publishing firm Dodd-Mead and Company combined Dunbars

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Books By and About Marian Wright Edelman

Books By and About Marian Wright Edelman Some books by and about Marian Wright Edelman: Print Bibliography Marian Wright Edelman. The State of Americas Children, Yearbook 2002. Marian Wright Edelman. Im Your Child, God: Prayers for Our Children. 2002. Marian Wright Edelman. Guide My Feet: Prayers and Meditations for Our Children. 2000. Marian Wright Edelman. The State of Americans Children: Yearbook 2000 - A Report from the Childrens Defense Fund. 2000. Marian Wright Edelman. The State of Americas Children: A Report from the Childrens Defense Fund: Yearbook 1998. Marian Wright Edelman. Lanterns: A Memoir of Mentors. 1999. Marian Wright Edelman. The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children Yours. 1992. Marian Wright Edelman. I Dream a World. 1989. Marian Wright Edelman. Families in Peril: An Agenda For Social Change. 1987. Marian Wright Edelman. Stand for Children. 1998. Ages 4-8. Joann Johansen Burch. Marian Wright Edelman: Childrens Champion. 1999. Ages 4-8. Wendie C. Old. Marian Wright Edelman: Fighter for Childrens Rights. 1995. Young Adult. Beatrice Siegel. Marian Wright Edelman: The Making of a Crusader. 1995. Ages 9-12. Andrew Carroll, editor. Introduction by Marian Wright Edelman. Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters. Reprint 1999. Susan Skog, editor. Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations With Prominent Women. 1995.

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Exploration of drug in a specific sport springing from Why should Essay

Exploration of drug in a specific sport springing from Why should Allow Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport - Essay Example I plan to explore the need to use performance enhancing drugs in sports. Performance enhancing drugs have been used by athletes for a long time. Among these drugs are steroids whose use has attracted a lot of controversy and criticism (â€Å"Position Statement†). Steroids decrease the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) while increasing the level of lower-density lipoprotein (LDL) (â€Å"Anabolic Steroid Abuse†). Excessive use of steroids causes physiological feminization of male athletes and physiological masculinization of female athletes (â€Å"Steroids Vs Human†). There is lack of sufficient research regarding what are the safe levels of consumption of performance enhancing drugs in sports. For this research, I shall choose a particular sports i.e. swimming and find out the benefits of using performance enhancing drugs for the swimmers. This research will also identify safe levels of consumption of performance enhancing drugs for swimmers. Another outcome of this research will be testing the reliability and validity of information in the literature regarding the medical disadvantages of drug use in